Walk the Walk Top Fundraising Teams

Following is a list of all current teams in order of donations. Click on any team name for information on that team or to donate to that team.

NameCaptainAmount Raised
Friends of KUFA Annie Neuerk $22,778.00
BankUnited Natalia Valenti $5,075.00
TEAM ZACH 33 Tiffany Hecker $3,546.52
Team Nicholas Christopher Fontanetta $1,050.00
Friends of Raphael 2017 Shanti Singh $840.00
Team Dolce Vita Palmina Fava $625.00
Annie's Angels Karen Read $606.00
#DON'TLIMITME! Michelle Recla $525.00
Barnabas Kiddie Beans Lorena Zamarelli $500.00
Andre's Angels/ For the love of Andre Latricia Williams $220.00
Team Alisha sharda khan $200.00
TEAM LIFELINE Lisa Tornato $70.00
The Crazy Weasels Amie Perez $25.00